Gaming vs. Cancer 2015 saw the third annual Clix For Cancer tournament. Matt Hardy fought valiantly to retain his crown but fell just short of making the cut to top four elimination leaving us with a new Clix For Cancer champion in Rob Buckley. Rob defeated John Barber, who took second place, in the final whilst Ash Deadman came in third and Will Pratley in fourth. Included below are all 34 teams that took part in the order that they finished, also included is their win/loss record and victory points from the swiss rounds.

Rob Buckley

1 – Robert Buckley
Alpha Class Sentinel, Juston Seyfert, Superman Blue, Legion Flight Ring x2, Ultron Drone, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Despotellis, SHIELD Level 7 ID, Nova ID, Hulk ID, Thor ID
4-0 1097pts

John Barber

2 – John Barber
Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, Steve Rogers, Quinjet, Fitz, Skye, SHIELD Level 7 ID, Captain America ID, U.S. Agent ID, Iron Man ID
3-1 1724pts

Ash Deadman

3 – Ash Deadman
Captain America, Rick Jones, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Living Lightning, Hulkbuster (Left Arm), Iron Man ID, Captain America ID, Thor ID, Ant-Man ID, Nova ID, Daredevil ID
3-1 1852pts

Will Pratley

4 – Will Pratley
Nimrod, Juston Seyfert x3, Blue Lantern Recruit x2, Despotellis
4-0 2182pts

5 – Matt Hardy
Supreme Intelligence, Ultron 7, Ultron 18.2, Ultron 6, Ultron 8, Ultron 14, Ultron Phalanx, Ultron Future, Ultron AOU, Ultron-1, Ronin ID, Vision ID, Spider-Man ID, Iron Man ID, Thor ID, Nova ID, Wonder Man ID, SHIELD Level 7 ID, Robot ATA
3-1 1610pts

6 – Chris Dunn
Quinjet, Yellowjacket, Scarlet Witch, Professor X, Red Wolf, Jarvis, Secret Avengers ATA, Goliath, Hulk ID, SHIELD Level 7 ID, Captain America ID
3-1 1402pts

7 – Andy Collier
Superman Blue, STAR Labs Tech, White Witch, Turtle, Felix Faust, Doctor Strange, Arcade, Rocket Raccoon
3-1 1370pts

8 – Dean Pratley
Ultron (Age Of Ultron), Juston Seyfert, High Evolutionary, Red Wolf x2
3-1 1328pts

9 – Elliott Weights
Cable, Wolfsbane x2, Copycat, Rictor, Shatterstar, Magik, Pym Particles, New Mutants ATA
3-1 1246pts

10 – Jack Lambourne
Hulkbuster Mark II, Captain America
3-1 1085pts

11 – Jacob Collins
Dark Phoenix Cyclops, Colossus, Hope Summers x2
3-1 1003pts

12 – Michael McGreish
Wolverine and X-23, Doop, Fantomex, Spiral, Siryn, Pym Particles
2-2 1220pts

13 – Stu Kenward
Doctor Strange, Captain Britain, Loki, Ghost Rider, Hellcat, Namor ID, Hulk ID, Iron Man ID, Sersi ID, Captain America ID, Indigo Tribe Ring
2-2 1496pts

14 – Paul Sooby
Hullk, Scarlet Witch, Nighthawk, Captain America x4, Hulkbuster (Left Arm), Iron Man ID, Hercules ID, Captain America ID, Mockingbird ID
2-2 1490pts

15 – Chris Langan
Iron Man 038 x2, Nick Fury, Weasel, Loki, Dr. Fate, Wonder Man ID, Rick Jones ID
2-2 1359pts

16 – Sean Samuels
Atrocitus, Bleez, Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, Rankorr, Dex-Starr, Animal ATA
2-2 1348pts

17 – Felix Hughes
Phantom Stranger, The Question, Baron Von Strucker, White Witch, Felix Faust, Tim Hunter, Omega Drive
2-2 1171pts

18 – Matthew Randell
Wolverine and X-23, Fantomex, Siryn, Domino, Shatterstar, X-Force ATA, SHIELD Level 1 ID, Thor ID, Iron Man ID, Justice ID, She-Hulk ID
2-2 1119pts

19 – Louis Sice
Ultron (AOU), Ultron (Future), Ultron 7, Ultron 14, Ultron 5 x2, Ultron 6 x3, Ultron-1 x4, Ultron 8 x6, U.S. Agent ID, Daredevil ID, Hulk ID, Captain America ID, Iron Man ID, Straightjacket
2-2 945pts

20 – Ben Sprake
Mr. Mxyzptlk, Kyle Rayner x2, Copycat, Nova, Net
2-2 865pts

21 – Nathan Wells
Phantom Stranger, Doctor Strange, The Question, Pandora, Scarlet Witch
2-2 774pts

22 – Raihan Shaikh
Iron Nail, Steve Rogers, Nick Fury JR., G.W. Bridge, Nighthawk, Fitz, SHIELD Recruit, Falcon ID, SHIELD Level 7 ID, Bucky Barnes ID
2-2 831pts

23 – Chris Hollis
Nighthawk, Bill Agent Of AIM, White Witch, Doctor Fate, Banshee, Shadow Lass, Nick Fury
2-2 583pts

24 – Les Shuttlewood
Hyperion, Doctor Spectrum, Power Princess, Nighthawk, Squadron Supreme Earth 712 ATA
2-2 503pts

25 – Dan Hallifax
Brimstone, Juston Seyfert, Rocket Raccoon, Dr. Demonicus
1-3 1272pts

26 – Kelvin Makepeace
Death Mask, Iron Soldier, Phoenixbuster Iron Man, Tony Stark, War Machine, Doctor Strange ID, Avengers Heroic Age ATA
1-3 1101pts

27 – Stephen Bruce
Ultraman, Owlman, Johnny Quick, Atomica, Power Ring
1-3 955pts

28 – Kai Groves-Waters
Sister Sercy x2, Superman, Wonder Woman, Jimmy Olsen, Lust
1-3 881pts

29 – Robert Williams
Deadpool, Wolverine and X-23, Agent Zero, Weapon X, Adamantium Specialist, The Professor
1-3 705pts

30 – Howard Kenward
Ocean Master, Sea King, Aquaman, The Trench x6, Pym Particles, Atlantis ATA
1-3 610pts

31 – Vince Bamford
War Machine, Elektra, Winter Soldier, She-Hulk, Monica Chang, Fitz
1-3 489pts

32 – Paul Randell
Super Skrull, Dire Wraith Queen, Hybrid, Dire Wraith x3, Secret Invasion ATA, SHIELD Level 7 ID, Thor ID, Hank Pym ID, Nova ID
1-3 313pts

33 – Hannah Harding
Loki, Doctor Strange, Spider-Woman, Scarlet Witch, Magik
0-4 599pts

34 – Lamp
Master Pandemonium, Rick Jones, Weapon X, Turtle, Pied Piper, Iron Monger 2.0, Grasshopper, Hulk ID, Thor ID
0-4 115pts

We also ran a team challenge allowing players to earn achievements throughout the day with the best team taking home the Golden Galactus trophy. The winners this year were #Not Fair # Not Safe (Ash Deadman, Paul Sooby, Jacob Collins). The other teams finished as below.

#Not Fair #Not Safe

  • #Not Fair #Not Safe (Ash Deadman, Paul Sooby, Jacob Collins) 49pts
  • Team Antics (Les Shuttlewood, Sean Samuels, Jack Lambourne) 46pts
  • Laurel and Hardy and Co. (Dean Pratley, Will Pratley, Raihan Shaikh) 42pts
  • Odds and Sods (John Barber, Felix Hughes, Ben Sprake) 40pts
  • Cosham Cool Kids (Matthew Randell, Paul Randell, Hannah Harding) 36ts
  • Hardy’s Heroes (Matt Hardy, Elliott Weights, Vince Bamford) 32pts
  • Chrisrilogy (Chris Dunn, Chris Langan, Chris Hollis) 31pts
  • Who Needs Langan? (Andy Collier, Louis Sice) 27pts
  • Thunder Agents (Howard Kenward, Kai Groves-Waters, Stu Kenward) 23pts
  • Lamp Force X (Michael McGreish) 6
  • Dan Solo (Dan Hallifax) DNF

We also had a Secret Wars side event going on which was won by Raihan Shaikh.