Android: Netrunner

In 2015 we ran our first ever Android Netrunner tournament which was dubbed the Medical Research Fundraiser. 28 players took part in the tournament which saw each player tasked with building decks using randomised ID’s provided when they purchased their ticket. After five rounds of swiss pairings we cut to top four for a double elimination finals which eventually saw David Culemann crowned our first champion with his Hayley Kaplan/Haarpsichord Studios decks.

David won a selection of prizes including a subscription for the upcoming Mumbad Cycle of datapacks.

Provided  below are the players and their ID’s in their final positions. Where possible we have linked to decklists.

  1. David Culemann – Hayley Kaplan/Haarpsichord Studios
  2. Chris Wood – Ken Tenma/Custom Biotics
  3. Neil Gorst – MaxX/The World Is Yours
  4. Colin Wells – Exile/New Angeles Sol
  5. Jack Kenyon – Andromeda/Argus Security
  6. Sarah Vandervliet – Leela Patel/Industrial Genomics
  7. Matt Ord-Hume – Edward Kim/Gagarin Deep Space
  8. Joel Atkinson – The Professor/Building A Better World
  9. Tobias Chippington Derrick – Andromeda/Harmony Medtech
  10. John Coxon – Valencia Estevez/Spark Agency
  11. Emily Miller – Apex/Making News
  12. Adam Fitzgerald – MaxX/The Foundry
  13. Luke Hector – Silhouette/Cybernetics Division
  14. Tom Blackburn – Gabriel Santiago/GRNDL
  15. Ed Silverstone – Quetzal/Engineering The Future
  16. Charlie Ringer – Iain Stirling/Cerebral Imaging
  17. Tomas Seymour-Turner – Armand “Geist” Walker/Custom Biotics
  18. Paul Smith – Kate McCaffrey/Personal Evolution
  19. Peter Cox – Adam/Stronger Together
  20. James Pilcher – Laramy Fisk/Near-Earth Hub
  21. Antony Murch – Sunny Lebeau/Tennin Institute
  22. Nick de Berckman Dunn – Ken Tenma/Titan Transnational
  23. Graham Smart – Noise/Jinteki Biotech
  24. Samuel Mangham – Chaos Theory/Chronos Protocol
  25. Zoe Head – Sunny Lebeau/Blue Sun
  26. Paul Warner-Green – Armand “Geist” Walker/Next Design
  27. Will Compton – Reina Roja/Because We Built It
  28. Daniel Hill – Nasir Meidan/Nisei Division

You can find more details on the tournament at the Acoo page by clicking here.