Clix For Cancer 2014 took place on Saturday 13th September 2014 at Fratton Park, Portsmouth.

The build was 600pt Modern Age with no resources allowed.

A four round swiss tournament was held followed by a cut to top four who then played off in an elimination bracket. The overall winner was Matt Hardy, Paul Sooby took second place, Elliott Weights in third, and Dan Hallifax rounded things out in fourth.

The total raised was £1,017.78.


The team builds and final standings from the swiss portion of the tournament are below.

1st – Daniel Hallifax
Weaponer Of Qward, I.S.A.A.C., Despotellis (Adara), Yondu (Butcher), Brother Hymn, Bill, Agent Of A.I.M., Blind Al, Omega Drive
4-0 1662pts

2nd – Paul Sooby
Dark Phoenix Cyclops, Colossus, Hope Summers x2
4-0 1177pts

3rd – Elliott Weights
Zombies Teambase, Kingpin, Electro, Omega Drive
3-1 1761pts

4th – Matt Hardy
Trinity Of Sin teambase, Phantom Girl x2 (one with Entity, one with Ophidian), Super Fan, BatSignal
3-1 1655pts

5th – Chris Dunn
Thane, Triplicate Girl (Proselyte), Banshee (Ophidian), Brother Voodoo, Highfather, Skadi’s Warbot, Damaged Warbot
3-1 1545pts

6th – Louis Sice
Zombies teambase, Electro, Kingpin, Omega Drive
3-1 1350pts

7th – Ed Bentley
Professor X (Ion), White Witch (Parallax), Harvey Bullock (Entity), Banshee (Ophidian), Despotellis (Adara), Senator Robert Kelly (Proselyte), M’Kraan Crystal Sliver
3-1 874pts

8th – Lamp
Shuma-Gorath, White Witch, Bizarro (50pts), Professor X, Bill, Agent Of A.I.M., Brother Voodoo
3-1 964pts

9th – Scott Reynolds
Nimrod, Sentinel Alpha 3, Alpha Class Sentinel
3-1 773pts

10th – Michael McGreish
Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, Black Cat, Paladin, Humbug, Cat, Heroes For Hire ATA
2-2 1469pts

11th – Matthew Randell
X-Men: Blue Strike Force
2-2 1297pts

12th – Anthony Booth
Weaponer Of Qward x2, Kid Omega, Splitlip, Parallax, Sinestro Corps Ring
2-2 1171pts

13th – Stu Kenward
Katma Tui, Captain Marvel, Ravager x3, Despotellis, Skadi’s Warbot, Butcher
2-2 1241pts

14th – Nathan Wells
Resurrection Man, Absorbing Man, Bizarro (275pts), Despotellis (Entity)
2-2 1101pts

15th – Stuart Dewing
Ganthet x2, Adara, Weaponer Of Qward, Blue Lantern Ring
2-2 988pts

16th – Paul Randell
Sentinel Alpha 3, Sentinel, Science Police Officer x3, Gates, Franklin Richards, Star Sapphire Ring
2-2 941pts

17th – Howard Kenward
Solomun Grundy, Resurrection Man, White King, Absorbing Man, Grsshopper, Cowgirl, M’Kraan Crystal Sliver
2-2 704pts

18th – Raihan Shaikh
Star-Lord, Groot, Drax The Destroyer, Major Victory, Rocket Raccoon, Mantis, Gamora
2-2 700pts

19th – Kelvin Makepeace
Iron Man, Rescue, Tony Stark, Splitlip, Skadi’s Warbot, Deathmask, M’Kraan Crystal Sliver
2-2 655pts

20th – Ben Collins
Iron Fist, Wolverine and X-23, Alpha Class Sentinel
1-3 1003pts

21st – Paul Cossey
Arisia x3, Boodikka x3, Guy Gardner (Crossbow)
1-3 921pts

22nd – John Barber
Superman (Black Hand), Aquaman, Firestorm, Black Lantern Reanimate, Wonder Woman
1-3 688pts

23rd – Felix Hughes
Man-Thing x2, Man-Thing and Howard The Duck, Skadi’s Warbot, M’Kraan Crystal Sliver
1-3 448pts

24th – Robert Williams
Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America
1-3 405pts

25th – Ben Sprake
Highfather, Iron Pharaoh, Orange Lantern Construct, Question, Pandora, Copycat
1-3 370pts

26th – Nate Adams
Parallax, Romat-Ru, Weaponer Of Qward, Sinestro Corps Recruit
1-3 364pts

27th – Zac Cossey
Weaponer Of Qward x2, Superboy Prime
0-4 325pts