Our Volunteers and Donors 2019

We are almost ready to go ahead and confirm a total raised for our event earlier this month but before we get there we want to take some time to thank some of the amazing people who help make the event a success through either their donations or through volunteering their time during the event or in the months leading up to it.

I think the best place to start is with our amazing team of Tournament Organisers.

Carl Sheppard – Now in his third year organising our Star Wars Destiny and Keyforge events. This year Carl took the lead on two Prime Championships, including the first Keyforge Prime Championship to take place in the entire world (also the largest, as he frequently reminded people over the weekend). A well-known face in the Keyforge and Destiny tournament community across the UK and Europe Carl has staffed everything from weekly chainbounds to Vault Tours. Carl is the epitome of calm organisation and saw our two biggest events of the weekend handled with precision and ease.

Marcus Archer – Marcus has been a longtime participant in GvC events but this year he stepped up and offered to organise and run a Legends of the 5 Rings tournament for us. The event had a solid turnout and a really astounding total raised via the L5R raffle. A welcome addition to our team and most deserving of our huge thanks.

Steve Kissane – After running his fifth annual GvC Netrunner tournament it’s a little hard to keep coming up with new plaudits for Steve. Steve has become an invaluable part of the GvC machine and is a valued source of ideas on the future of the event.

Andy England – Keeping the DiceMasters flag flying at GvC Andy organised the UK (not) Nationals this year and was able to put together a really stunning amount of prize support to continue supporting the dedicated community of players for the game.

Outside of those names there are so many others that deserve recognition for their tireless work over the course of the weekend.

Jake Chatwin – Event registration, merch sales, driver of vehicle, fetcher of lunch, attempted Pokemon TO
Nic Adhimar – Event registration, merch sales, trying to look interested in the hotel bar whilst everyone played Marvel Champions
Louis Sice – Heroclix judge
Charlotte Snowdon – Organisation assistance, general help across the weekend
Nicole Archer – L5R organisation and raffle
Ryan Dadswell, Craig Barrett, Steve Stewart – Keyforge/Destiny Judges
Crazy Killing Machine – Keyforge and Destiny livestreaming

We also have a very long list of donations that build throughout the year so rather than listing everything donated here is a list, in no particular order, of the wonderful people and businesses who have supported us in one way or another for 2019.

LVLUP Gaming, NISEI, Asmodee UK, Heroes, Comics Games and Coffees, Rei2Jewels, Akira Mitchell, Wight Island, BoardGameGuru, TheFlatline.net, R Talsorian Games, Zachtronics, Man O Kent, Richard Wilkins, Terry Cavanagh, Mary Hamilton, Lucas Pope, Rachael Trimble.

There is, inevitably, names missing from these lists and for that we apologise and will happily update these. The truth is that there is so much support given throughout the year that it is really hard to recall them all in list format. We continue to grow each and every year and in 2020 that will become even more evident as we move to organising more than one event a year (SPOILERS!!!!!).

Whether you are a player, a donor, an organiser, a trustee, a friend, or even just a stranger reading this; thank you for making my little idea – and the work of our trustees – into something so special and successful and thank you even more for helping to raise life-saving funds for such an amazing cause.

We’ll be back soon with a total for this year and with that will come news of our big plans for 2020!