A Thank You to Prize Support Donors

On Tuesday we posted something listing and thanking our volunteer Tournament Organisers for all of their hard work. Today I want to take a little time to acknowledge the people and businesses that helped us out with prize support for this year. We get lovely donations from all over the place and I will almost certainly forget to list somebody here (if your name is missing then please do shout at me to get you added!!)

Board in the City Keyforge and boardgames for the raffle
LvlUp Gaming Heroclix Prizes, battle royale stock, Dicemasters (loads!!), Keyforge
Heroes Heroclix prizes, Netrunner prizes, X-Wing prizes, Destiny prizes, Pokemon prizes
Element Games Forgebane, Pens, Sweets
Optical Power Ltd (http://oplaser.co.uk/shop) Keyforge storage boxes
Sandy Marsden Pokemon and Dragonscale Dicebags
Comics, Games and Coffee Ltd: Chichester X-wing prizes.
Buy The Same Token X-Wing prizes
Gold Squadron Podcast X-Wing prizes
Scott Bryant X-Wing prizes
Dale Cromwell X-Wing prizes
Rei2Jewels Netrunner prizes
Fernando Lobos Andrews Netrunner custom participation card
Matt Bramley Netrunner prizes
Jordi Gené and Gregorio Morales Netrunner prizes
BoardGameGuru.co.uk Netrunner prizes
Frictional Games Netrunner prizes
Amanita Design Netrunner prizes
R Talsorian Games Netrunner prizes
Supergiant Games Netrunner prizes
Tom Blackburn Netrunner prizes
David Culemann Netrunner prizes
Louis Sice Heroclix prizes
Man O Kent Games and Mike Hutchinson – Gaslands prizes
The Model Exchange – Gaslands prizes
Boardgameguru – Gaslands prizes
Corvus Games Terrain – Gaslands prizes
Brigade Models – Gaslands prizes
Kyamsil Designs – Gaslands prizes
Asmodee UK – Netrunner prizes

Once again, if your name is missing from this list then please do get in touch so we can make sure you receive the credit you deserve.