A Thank You To Our Volunteers

This past weekend we held the sixth annual Gaming vs. Cancer event. It was a massive success (look out for a total later this week) and we frequently receive praise and compliments for all the work we put in throughout the year to organise, but there are a number of people who are sometimes easily forgotten but deserve just as much praise.

In 2015 we branched out to include more than just Heroclix and with that decision we also needed to recruit a group of volunteers Tournament Organisers who would run those games. This role includes picking formats for the event, promoting the ticket sales, helping to source prizing, answering all the questions from participants beforehand, and then running the events themselves and providing a great experience for all attendees. We feel like nobody walks away from a Gaming vs. Cancer event feeling let down and a large part of that is down to the great atmosphere created by the work from those Tournament Organisers.

With these thoughts in mind we would like to provide a quick shout out to those involved this year.

Steve Kissane – Netrunner/Gaslands
Steve has been volunteering with us since 2015 running our popular Netrunner tournament. He devised the random ID format and has worked each year to try to balance the ID selections on offer. Steve’s work in getting prize support for the events is unparalleled and we feel that anybody taking part in one of his Netrunner events at GvC would agree. There is a frequent joke amongst us trustees that whenever we add a new game we need to “find a Steve that plays the game”. He is one of the real unsung heroes of Gaming vs. Cancer, travelling down to Southampton each year and helping us raise so much additional money through his work.

Mark Threakall – X-Wing
For the past two years Mark has been the TO for our X-Wing event which has very quickly grown to become the biggest event of the weekend. A fantastic example of calm, Mark has never made a single demand of us as trustees. He shows up on the day and gets to work putting on the largest, and one of the smoothest, tournaments of the weekend. A prime example of every attribute required for a top-tier TO.

Jake Chatwin – Pokemon
Although technically a new TO this year Jake has volunteered with us in the past as a Pokemon judge and general helping hand at GvC events. Jake stepped up this year to become the TO for Pokemon and really knocked it out of the park. Good knowledge of the rules, friendly and approachable for players, and flexible when the tournament software throws him a curve ball. We look forward to working with Jake again in the future.

Carl Sheppard – Star Wars Destiny/Keyforge
Carl joined us last year for our first Star Wars Destiny event and proved himself to be an extremely passionate and hard-working member of our volunteer team. In the year since he has been non-stop on his search to get prizing for not only his own events but others at GvC. For me personally, whenever Carl is mentioned in conversation I immediately see his smile, something which seems to very rarely leave his face. Carl was also key in getting a GvC raffle sale to take place at the Destiny Galactic Qualifier in Manchester which raised even more money for the cause. Carl also did a fantastic job of running our Keyforge preview events on Saturday. A real champion of the GvC cause.

Charlotte Snowdon – Dice Masters
Charlotte is well known in the UK Dice Masters community and has been the TO for our events since their introduction in 2016. A constant source of ideas on how to further increase the funds raised, Charlotte is key to the continued success of Dice Masters at GvC. Beyond that she also spends large parts of the weekend manning our merch tables, selling raffle tickets, helping to run Pandemic Survival games, and so much more. As much a part of the success of Gaming vs. Cancer as anybody else.

Beyond those names there are so many others that help over the weekend. We will inevitably forget somebody but these are just a few that spring to mind for their additional services over the weekend.

Ruth Chapman – Netrunner organisation
Elliott Weights – X-Wing prizing
Nathan Wells – Pokemon judge
Andrew Eyles – Destiny and Keyforge organisation
Chris Williams & Andy England of The Ministry of Dice – Dice Masters organisation and prizing
Cormac Aitken – Heroclix organisation and raffle duty
Libbie Grieve – Raffle sales, merchandise sales, head of child care, tidying

These people, amongst so many others, are responsible for making the event work in the way it does and for helping to make an enjoyable experience for all of our attendees. Thank you all for the work you do and please do not ever feel you are not appreciated by us, the trustees. As this grows larger each year it becomes more and more impossible for us to do this alone.