Heroclix GvsCID Details

From the very beginning of our Clix for Cancer tournament in 2013 we have always tried to encourage a fun and slightly less competitive attitude to the game. Party of this was achieved in using a non-standard tournament format but one of the big things we have always used is the ability for players to donate £1 to our total to re-roll a dice roll in their game. This has always raised large amounts for the total amount we can donate to Cancer Research UK each year but we know that it has, on occasion, left some players feeling annoyed with their experience in game.

With all of that in mind we have this year decided to remove the re-roll function from the tournament and instead, with some help from UK National Champion Felix Hughes, we are introducing what we call GvsCIDs.

When submitting your team sheet at this years Clix for Cancer tournament you will be asked to join one of four factions (Marvel Heroes, Marvel Villains, DC Heroes, DC Villains), each of which will give your team access to a unique list of abilities, found below, that can be assigned each round.

At beginning of each players turn the active player and then his/her opponent, will have the opportunity to pay raffle tickets to channel the spirit of one our their factions characters and have them lend support to a member of their team. The chosen character can use the powers provided by the GvsCID until the end of the next players turn and those powers granted can not be ignored via Pulse Wave. Each GvsCID can only be assigned to one character at a time and a character may only be assigned one GvsCID at a time.

The first GvsCID ability that you choose to use each turn will cost 1 raffle ticket (£1), the second will cost 2 raffle tickets, the third will cost 3 raffle tickets, etc.

Marvel Heroes
Captain America – Leadership, Empower
Thor – Energy Explosion, Quake
Iron Man – Force Blast, Perplex
Hulk – Battle Fury, Colossal Stamina
Hank Pym – Tiny Size or Giant Size, Outwit
Doctor Strange – Probabilty Control, Defend
She Hulk – GvsCID Immunity (Can’t target or be targeted by a Character assigned a GvsCID)

Marvel Villains
Kang – Probability Control, Phasing/Teleport
Doctor Doom – Outwit, Toughness
Loki – Perplex, Mind Control
Ultron – Willpower, Regeneration
Red Skull – Leadership, Enhancement
Thanos- Power Cosmic
Deadpool – GvsCID Immunity (Can’t target or be targeted by a Character assigned a GvsCID)

DC Heroes
Superman – Super-Strength, Invincible
Batman – Stealth, Outwit
Wonder Woman – Support, Defend
Flash – Transporter, Probability Control
Martian Manhunter – Shape Change, Mind Control
Green Lantern – Barrier, Perplex
Ambush Bug – GvsCID Immunity (Can’t target or be targeted by a Character assigned a GvsCID)

DC Villains
Lex Luthor – Mastermind, Outwit
Joker – Perplex, Poison
Darkseid – Improved Targeting – Hindering, Elevated, Characters, Phasing/Teleport
Captain Cold – Barrier, Incapacitate
Circe – Probability Control, Mind Control
Deathstroke – Toughness, Blades/Claws/Fangs
Batmite – GvsCID Immunity (Can’t target or be targeted by a Character assigned a GvsCID)