Magic The Gathering

This year’s Gaming vs. Cancer Magic: The Gathering tournament will use our “Super Sealed” format. Each player starts with 6 boosters of the latest Standard set from which to build a sealed deck. After each round, you will receive an additional booster to add to your pool and rebuild your deck as you wish—you’ll get this whether you win or lose each match! The event will take place over a maximum of six rounds of Swiss play. There won’t be a Top 8 cut so build your deck well, fight your hardest, then rebuild even better to get the top spot!

Entry to this event costs £35, with prizes guaranteeing that each player leaves the event having received a minimum of 11 boosters.
Attendance is capped at 64 and we expect seats to fill up fast, so grab your ticket now at

Doors open at 9am
Registration will take place between 9.15am and 9.45am
Players will be able to open their boosters and begin building at 10.00am, with an estimated Round 1 start time of 10.45am.

Thanks to the kindness of our donors, we have an excellent pay-out for this event.

Our current prize pool will scale depending on attendance. Assuming maximum attendance, the prizes after round 6 will be as follows (with more prizes to be confirmed closer to the time!)
1st: 16 boosters
2nd: 10 boosters
3rd – 4th: 7 boosters
5th – 8th: 4 boosters
9th – 16th: 3 boosters
17th – 32nd: 2 boosters
33rd to 64th: 1 booster



The Garden Court can be found on University Road (SO17 1BJ) and is in the Hospitality and Catering Building near the Students Union.
There is a car park on University Road which can be used if you are driving.
There is a Co-Op within five minutes walk of the venue as well as a Sainsburys and Burger King slightly further along Burgess Road. There is also a bar and cafe on the University Campus but we will be unable to confirm their opening until closer to the event.

Cheap Thrills

If you would like to donate some prizing for the event please contact us at

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