Returning for it’s fourth year is the event that kickstarted Gaming vs Cancer! Clix For Cancer 2016 will take place on Sunday November 13th 2016 at Southampton University.
The format will be 600pt Modern Age (No resources, no team bases, no ID cards).
We will be playing five 45 minute rounds of swiss pairings before making a cut to elimination for the top 4 players.
After three years we are retiring our previous mechanic which allowed players to spend £1 to re-roll any dice roll in the game. Instead this year we are introduing what we are calling GvsC IDs.
We will publish a list of Inspiration Like Abilities (based on ID Card inspirations) called GvsCID.
During force creation players are able to select upto 5 unique GvsCIDs and assign them to their force. Players will be able to make use of the GvsCIDs during the Swiss portion of the event. (They will NOT be available after the top four cut).
During the beginning of their turn a player can pay raffle tickets to give a selected figure access to a selected GvsCID Ability until the start of the next turn (max 1 card per figure).
The first GvsCID selected in a turn costs 1 ticket, second 2, then 3, 4, 5.
The prize pool is already coming together via generous donations from players and retailers across the country. We already have a complete set of Trinity War chases, a set of WOL Primes and much, much more.
Entry will cost £10 per player. Any players donating prizes to the prize pool this year will receive 5 free raffle tickets to use on the GvsCID’s mentioned above or for our big Heroclix raffle at the end of the day.
Cheap Thrills
If you are a player or retailer who would like to donate some prizing for the event please contact us at info@gamingvscancer.com

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