Wooded Foothills Expedition All-Pay Auction

We have been very kindly donated a Wooded Foothills expedition from Battle For Zendikar to use to raise money for this years event. We have decided to use this card for an all-pay auction to take place on the day of the event.


On the day players will be able to buy tickets at £1 each and place them into the pot. At the end of the event we will tally up the tickets and the person with the most in there will win the card. All-pay auctions are a great way of auctioning high value items and tend to see the winner walking away with the item at below face value. 

As we know the Expeditions are highly sought after we will also be accepting bids from players who aren’t able to attend the event. You can take part by submitting your bid via our Eventbrite site at this link. If an online bidder is the winner we will send the Expedition via recorded and insured delivery free of charge.