Superman/Wonder Woman to be legal for Clix For Cancer 2015

There have been a number of players asking us about the legality for the new Superman/Wonder Woman Heroclix set which does not currently have a confirmed European release date but will be available in limited quantities at 11 pre-release events around the country later this month.

After some discussion and a vote amongst our five organisers we unanimously decided that the set WILL be legal for play at Clix For Cancer 2015. As a group we decided that this will provide an interesting last minute shift in the meta of the tournament and possibly throw a few curve balls in there. We also feel that with certain pieces in the set potentially acting as hard counters to popular strategies this allows players to know what they may come up against and build for that.

We are well aware that some will welcome this decision whilst others will not be as happy. We feel by announcing it now there is plenty of time for people to scout the pieces in the new set and to plan accordingly.

We have reason to believe the release date of the set may end up being announced as Friday November 6th. If that is the case Blue Rat Games are offering to bring any customer orders made in advance to the event rather than posting them as normal. Again though this is also subject to the European release date being confirmed.