Heroclix Side Events and prizing Update!

Due to the European release date for Superman/Wonder Woman now being confirmed as Friday November 6th we have decided to update our side events to include sealed battle royales!

Our side events announced previously will still be on offer but we will now also have limited stock for players to take part in four play battle royales using the latest DC Heroclix set. The format will be a traditional convention style battle royale draft with all pieces snake drafted at the end of the game. The winner will also receive five raffle tickets. Participation will be £10 per player. There will be limited stock of these boosters to go around, enough for five battle royales in total.

We are also happy to announce that as the set will be widely available we can now announce the inclusion of a sealed brick of the set in the prizing for the players that make the cut to top four.

We’re less than two weeks away now. See you all soon!