Heroclix Secret Wars Side Event

Who wants details of this years side events? You, sir? Well this is just the place.

Following the success of last years battle royale on the amazing 3D jungle map we wanted to again include all of that awesome terrain but attempt to find a way to speed the process along as battle royales with a larger player count can sometimes leads to a lot of time between player turns. So this year we are inviting you to come to the Battleworlds with us and compete in Secret Wars.

This year we have three different Battleworlds for you to compete upon. The industrial themed Sentinel Territory, the jungle themed Savage Land, and the Arctic themed Jotunheim. Each of these territories is split into small 8×8 segments on which players will do battle in 100pt matches.

At any time during the event you may pay one raffle ticket to take part in a match. As soon as we have two players you will be randomly assigned to one of the Battleworlds and choose a team to fight it out. All Marvel and DC figures in the history of the game are legal in this format, it is figures only though so no resources, ATAs, relics, etc. Due to the unstable nature of the Battleworlds each of the territories comes with it’s own special rules as noted below.

Sentinel Territory

  • Power Dampening Field Damage values higher than 3 are replaced with 3 and locked.
  • Resistance Characters can’t be the target of Outwit when they are adjacent to at least one friendly character with a shared team ability.
  • War Zone A character using Support does not roll one six-sided die when targeting another character; instead it heals the target of damage equal to its unmodified damage value.

Savage Land

  • Jungle Canopy Characters with the flight ability can not be the target of ranged combat attacks unless the attacker is within three squares.
  • Home Advantage Characters with the Animal keyword ignore hindering, elevated, and water terrain for movement purposes.
  • Animal Instincts Characters with the Animal keyword gain +1 to a combat value of your choice at the beginning of the game.


  • Ice Terrain Characters making a ranged combat attack are knocked back 1 square after actions resolve. All attacks generate knock back with a value of 1; if the attack already generated knock back increase the value by 1.
  • Blending In A character targeted with a ranged combat attack increases its defence by 1 if it has a special power showing on its dial.
  • Extreme Cold All splash damage caused by Energy Explosion is decreased by 1.

Before the game begins each player may choose to spend one raffle ticket to remove one of the special rules from the game for that match.

Players should report their results back to a judge as there will be an exclusive Ant-Man ID card and a convention exclusive figure for the player who wins the most Secret Wars games throughout the day.

These games will be available all day from the moment we open the doors in the morning until we call time on the final game of the Clix For Cancer tournament. At 100pts and on small maps these games should be relatively quick and provide an option for players whose rounds finish early throughout the tournament as well as being available for players who do not make the cut to top four.

Alongside these games we will also be allowing players to take part in four player battle royales after the cut to top four. It will be three raffle tickets to take part in a 300pt Modern Age battle royale. The player with the most victory points after 45 minutes wins 10 raffle tickets.