Gaming vs. Cancer becomes nationally recognised charitable trust

It is my absolute pleasure to be able to let you all know that amongst all the gaming, prize giving, and fundraising taking place on November 7th we will also be signing some papers that will see Gaming vs. Cancer become a nationally recognised charitable trust.

For the last three years this whole thing has been my little pet project but as it continues growing (and I can assure your our plans for next year are amazing!) there is suddenly a lot of pressure on myself both in terms of workload and in the amount of money that is being moved around and the need to have that money audited and accounted for so no accusations of impropriety can be made.

So on November 7th I will be joined by Matt Hardy, Phyl Cook, Dan Hallifax, Chris Dunn and Libbie Jones in signing the deed which will see us become the trustees of Gaming vs. Cancer.

This move allows us a lot of help and new options in the way we operate the event and all the fundraising involved with that. It makes us accountable to the governments charity commission which in turn gains us access to a lot of advantages that will help the event grow.

For those of you joining us at the event in two weeks time I look forward to seeing you there, thank you for your support this far, and hope for your continued support as we continue to grow Gaming vs. Cancer. Now let’s focus on kicking some ass this year and raising a boat load of cash.