2015 Heroclix Team Challenge

We know that part of the fun of taking part in an event like this is play testing with your friends and comparing results at the tournament itself. This year we want to add something new to enable your performance as a team to mean something so we are introducing the Heroclix Team Challenge.

When you arrive on the day of the event we will be handing out team challenge sheets which will enable you to track your score on a number of achievements throughout the course of the day and the tournament. A team may contain 1-3 players. At the end of the day your final points tally will be combined with those of your team mates and the team with the highest score will get to take home our Golden Galactus trophy!

Golden Galactus

The achievements are a mix of events that can be triggered in game or tied to your results on the day. So start forming your teams now to fight for the title of 2015 Heroes Of Albion. For a sneak preview of the achievements for the day you can find a PDF by clicking here.